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What We Do

Lie to Me is a business solution for pre-screening of staff as well as a tool to enhance and speed up the investigative process. Our product is also an enhanced method to detect fraud. With access to all pre-screening database options, coupled with the LVA system, it is a comprehensive service offering to both corporate companies and the general public.

Here To Help

Our products and systems are designed to offer customised tests. This cutting edge technology can be adapted to suit specific customer needs.
We can assist you in making decisions based on facts and truths. We are here to help you perfect your business challenges and choices!

Truth Verification

Easy non invasive technology offered to companies and private individuals to determine the honesty of person being tested. This technology can be used in a proactive and reactive capacity.

Pre-Employment Screening

Background checks are often requested by employers on job candidates for employment screening, especially candidates seeking a position that requires high security or a position of trust.

Fact Finding

Finding and collaborating the facts that form part of an investigation is a very important part of the due process. The correct information presented in the required format assists our clients in a smoother litigation process.

Supplier Vetting

Smart business owners wouldn't think of extending credit to new customers without checking into their finances and learning a little bit about their bill-paying histories.

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